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Welcome to Thunderpas' home on the "net". Whether you already own an Eskie or are presently Eskie-less, there is something for everyone here. Although it would be impossible to put every moment we have captured on film over the past 28 years on these pages, I have tried to share the best with you.

Thunderpas Eskies are known to be outstanding examples of the breed, excellent pets, intelligent, and, sometimes, real party animals! Click on the links to see them doing their thing!

The lucky owner of Thunderpas American Eskimos is Patrea Pabst. Patrea practices patent law as a partner in her own law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. She makes her home at her farm in North Georgia.

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AKC Breeder Of Merit

We do not breed often, and each litter is carefully planned. If you would like to see some of our puppies, or are interested in buying a Thunderpas puppy, please see our Puppy Page.


Contact us for availability and pricing.

Address: Dewy Rose, Georgia

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